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Creation of SP TechActive

The company Service à la Personne Technologie Active (SP TechActive) was founded in 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland by 3 highly experienced paramedics.

In our job we often came across elderly people who had fallen over for one reason or another. Unfortunately, we also had personal experience of this when one of our grandmothers was taken to hospital with a broken hip after a fall…and she never went back home. Everyone knows someone that has had this same experience, with varying consequences.

Hip fractures can often have serious consequences so we decided to set up SP TechActive in order to find the right solution to protect vulnerable seniors if they fell and therefore guaranteeing a real sense of security while still ensuring their autonomy and comfort.

Working with reliable and experienced partners, this start-up intends to offer innovative and adaptable solutions to anyone who might need this protection.

Every year, a great number of elderly people break their hip. The effects on their health can be very serious and can often mean very high medical charges of upwards from 10,000CHF to 15,000 CHF per patient. An aging population is only going to make this public health problem worse.

Some facts about daily life

1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall over each year
In Switzerland, 3 times as many seniors are killed each year by a fall than were killed on the roads
By 2050 is it is estimated that there will be 5 million femoral neck fractures
After 65, a quarter of patients die within a year of their fall
50% of victims never find their autonomy again