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If you have any questions about the belts, please read our FAQ section to find your answer.

Can the belt be worn everyday ?

  • Of course. That is the aim. A fall can happen at any moment, and often when we are least expecting it.
  • The system has to be efficient, which is why the belts are not restrictive
  • You will feel protected and therefore be more confident.

Can I sleep with this belt ?

As the AirrBelt has also been designed to be worn while lying down.The belt can be worn both day and night, thus providing 24-hour protection. It will protect you if you get up in the night.

Please contact us.

Can one wear clothes over the belt ?

For the best possible protection, it is preferable you wear your belt over your clothing and never next to your skin.
But if you have thick or heavy clothing, such as a large coat, make sure it will not get in the way of the airbag extending in case in needs to inflate


We advise against wearing the following clothes over the belt:

  • Trousers
  • T-shirts
  • Jackets and fitted pullovers and sweaters

Can the belt be washed ?

Of course. You can wash the belt at 30°, but ONLY the protective cover of the belt.

ATTENTION: The internal device is NOT washable because it contains the electronic system.

Can the belt get wet ?

  • The airbag it self is water resistant because it is housed within a lining. However, it is important the electronics do not get wet so it is advised that in case of rain a waterproof garment, such as a raincoat, should be worn. This item of clothing should be large enough to allow the airbag to inflate should it be required.
  • If the belt does get wet, we recommend that you allow it to dry by placing it, on a hanger, somewhere dry but NOT, under any circumstances, on a radiator. Only the removable cover can be put into a washing machine.

How do I switch on the belt ?

The belt works autonomously in order to avoid a maximum of misuse. To activate it, you just have to put it on and wait until the LED on the top of the box lights up green. For more information you can download our user manual.


Click on the link to download the user manual.

How do I recharge the belt ?

The buckle has an autonomy of about 10 days.
You are alerted that the battery is low by a flashing red light and a beep every 10 seconds. From that moment on, the buckle remains functional and maintains an autonomy of about two hours before being completely discharged and switched off.
To prevent the battery from being completely discharged, we recommend charging it for 3 hours once a week.
To charge the AirrBelt battery, connect the charger to a mains socket and then connect the buckle to the cable.

Can the belt be reused after a fall ?

Yes, of course. The gas cartridge must be replaced and the airbag folded up as described in user manual.

How do I deflate the airbag belt ?

The belt gradually deflates automatically after a few of seconds and then the pressure decreases to be completely deflated after 2 minutes. To ensure that all the gas is released, you can empty manually the airbags completely.

My belt might be damaged. How can I check that it is okay ?

  • If you are in any doubt, contact us.
  • Our After Sales Service is here to help. In any case, all you need to do is to send the belt back to us, by post, in its original box.

Is there a risk of the belt either being set off unexpectedly or not at all ?

The belt has been developed to avoid being set off unexpectedly, which could result in the non-detection of a fall when movement is limited.

Is there a risk of rebounding after a fall ?

The pressure in the airbag has been calculated and tested to absorb the shock and avoid any rebound.

Is there a weight/height maximum for wearing the belt ?

No. However, being overweight can limit the effectiveness of the belt. AirrBelt is available in three different sizes depending on your body type and size. To find out your size, simply measure your hips and refer to the size chart on our order form.