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More than 60,000 fractures of the neck of the femur (also called hip fracture) are recorded each year. In 95% of all cases, a fall is the cause of this fracture, with serious or even fatal consequences for seniors. In addition, fractures of the neck of the femur have a significant cost in terms of hospital expenses, medical examinations, and the disability they cause. These costs amount to more than 5 billion for the health care system. AirrBelt offers an effective solution to limit the impact of falls and prevent femoral neck fractures.

Falls are the main cause of femoral neck fractures

The figures are edifying. Among people over 65, 1 in 3 will fall at home during the year. This figure increases considerably when the patient is 80 years old or more. As a result of this accident, nearly half of the people hospitalized will have a hip fracture causing a sudden loss of autonomy and 25% of them will die within a year of the femoral neck fracture.

The fall will have irreparable repercussions on the health of the senior. It does not have to be violent to be dangerous. A domestic accident while falling from one’s own height is enough to cause a disastrous situation. Obviously, bone fragility due to osteoporosis increases the frequency of these fractures, especially in women, who are more prone to this type of pathology.

Circumstances of falls among seniors

These falls of seniors usually take place in their own home during daily activities (walking, grooming, gardening, housework or simply getting up from a chair). The accident can happen in the bathroom, the stairs, the hallway, or the living room. A simple imbalance can cause a fall, as can an obstacle on the floor (carpet, wires…) or poor lighting. Moreover, a poorly adapted home can become a real mortal danger.

Falls can also result from discomfort, balance or vision problems, or improper footwear. In addition, certain factors can aggravate an already risky situation, such as low muscle mass, cataracts or presbyopia, or taking medication. In any case, no fall will leave the senior unscathed.

Falls and their consequences

Beyond the physical repercussions, a fall in the elderly will have a significant psychological and social impact. Following this accident, the elderly person will lose confidence in his or her abilities and will be afraid to evolve alone. This anxiety of the second fall, also called the post-fall syndrome, is manifested by a withdrawal, an obvious loss of autonomy, and a reduction of activities. A form of depression can set in, resulting in great sadness, a lack of motivation, and a disturbance of appetite and sleep. Socially, the consequences are also marked with a form of sedentarization and a reduction in outings and contacts, as well as a dependence on relatives or home help.

Serious complications after a fall in the elderly

Falls among seniors have a serious impact on their autonomy. Nearly half of the people who have fallen are unable to return to their homes. Even more seriously, falls are the leading cause of fatal accidents among our seniors.

Even if they are not always fatal, falls cause serious complications for seniors who are already weakened by aging. Moreover, the risk of falling is increased when the senior has already suffered this type of accident during the year.

Preventing a fall or cushioning the impact becomes an absolute necessity for aging in good conditions.

AirrBelt, the inflatable belt to limit the impact of falls

New technologies are being developed to detect falls and increase the safety of the elderly. AirrBelt has proven its effectiveness by marketing an anti-fracture belt for the neck of the femur. The principle is simple: equipped with an electronic movement detection system, the belt has two side airbags that inflate immediately around the hip to ensure optimal protection of the femoral neck during a fall. Practical, light, and comfortable, the belt fits over the hips and leaves the person free to move. It can be worn day or night for greater effectiveness. The device absorbs the power of the fall and significantly reduces the risk of a femoral neck fracture. The belt is on sale on the website at the price of 817.00 CHF or 760 €, a small investment considering all the lives it can save.

The belt is on sale on the website at the price of 817.00 CHF or 760 €, a small investment considering all the lives it can save.